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Everything you need to know about joining

After taking a look through the classes we have on offer, please get in touch to enquire about spaces. Some of our classes may have waiting lists. As soon as we have a space in a class you are interested in we will call you in for a two week trial.

Upon your first visit you will be asked to fill out a new participant's form. This allows you to provide us with details such as any medical conditions we may need to be aware of. Once this is handed in along with the class fee your child may join the class. If they enjoy themselves we welcome them back for a second, commitment-free session.

After your second session it is time to decide if you wish to join the class. You will need to acquire 1066 Gymnastics Membership and British Gymnastics Affiliation (insurance), as well as sign and return a set of our club rules. You then become a member of both 1066 Gymnastics and British Gymnastics. We add your child to the class register and we then invoice you for class fees. The only exception is our Freestyle Gymnastics where only British Gymnastics affiliation is compulsory. Membership is optional. Our members receive a cheaper session price. Freestyle sessions can be booked up to eight days in advance and you pay for your session when you arrive.

1066 Gymnastics Membership
Membership to the club runs annually from 1 April at a cost for the first family member of £40.00, which includes a membership gift. Club membership is due with every April invoice. More information is presented to you in your New Participant's Pack which you receive on your first visit to us.

British Gymnastics Insurance
Every participant at 1066 Gymnastics must obtain personal insurance with British Gymnastics, the sport's national governing body. Kinder Gym participants cost £11.00 per year and all other class participants cost £17.00 per year. Insurance for competitive gymnasts in squad training costs £41.00. The British Gymnastics insurance year begins 1 October. We add this amount to your September/October invoice and we pay it to British Gymnastics when you pay that invoice.