Men’s Artistic Grades Results

A group of boys from 1066 Gymnastics recently competed at the South East Gymnastics Men’s Artistic Grades competition. 

Harrison Thar, Freddie Coope and Zachary Streek competed as level one guests, giving them an excellent opportunity for experience before competing level one at the correct age next year. Thar scored 7.650 on floor, 6.000 on pommels, 6.800 on rings, 9.200 on vault, 8.100 on parallel bars, 5.000 on high bar and 6.900 on his strength and conditioning routine. He scored a total of 49.650 and took the silver medal. Coope was just behind in third on 48.850 after scoring 7.100 on floor, 6.100 on pommels, 6.600 on rings, 8.750 on vault, 8.000 on parallel bars, 5.500 on high bar and 6.800 on strength and conditioning. Streek finished with 46.550 after taking 6.500 on floor, 5.500 on vault, 6.000 on pommels, 9.000 on rings, 7.550 on parallel bars, 5.600 on high bar and 6.400 on strength and conditioning.


Archie Foster and Charlie Skeggs competed at club level 2. Foster scored 8.200 on floor, 8.400 on pommels, 7.200 on rings, 7.800 on vault, 6.500 on parallel bars, 6.000 on high bar and 7.500 on strength and conditioning. He placed seventh with 51.600, making him the reserve gymnast for the team for national finals. Skeggs scored 7.900 on floor, 6.800 on pommels, 6.400 on rings, 7.950 on vault, 6.900 on parallel bars, 4.600 on high bar and 6.800 on strength and conditioning for a total of 47.350.


Well done to all the gymnasts.